I am an activist and tech entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, NY, and Catskill, NY. You can find me on twitter @willcanine or email will |at| rollingregenerative.com.

Some Press

"Biohackers at The Gate: The untold story of how a robot army waged war on COVID-19." LA Times (October 2021)

"A Look inside NYC's Biggest COVID-19 Lab" Gothamist (December 2020)

"N.Y.C. Is Opening Its Own Virus Testing Lab to Address Shortages" NY Times (September 2020)

"The Rogue Experimenters" The New Yorker (May 2020)

"Opentrons Aims to be the 'PC' of Biotech Labs" TechCrunch (February 2016)

"Advancing Biology with an Open Source Robot" ReCode (November 2014)

"Literary Cubs" New York Times (November 2011)